Friday, August 12, 2022

Petrol price cut announced, diesel expensive

The government has announced a reduction in the price of petrol and an increase in the price of diesel.

The Federal Finance Minister announced the new prices while issuing a message on Twitter.

According to the new prices, the price of petrol has been reduced by 3 rupees 5 paise per liter while the price of diesel has been increased by 8 rupees 95 paisa. The new prices will be announced from 12 pm tonight.

In the notification issued by the Ministry of Finance, it has been said that the price of high speed diesel has been increased by Rs 8 95 paisa per liter after which the new price has been fixed at Rs 244 95 paisa per litre.

According to the Ministry of Finance, after the increase in the price of kerosene by Rs 4 62 paise per litre, the new price will be Rs 201 7 paise per litre.

The notification states that the price of light diesel oil has been fixed at Rs 191 32 paise per liter after a reduction of 12 paise.

The change in the prices of petroleum products will be implemented from 12 pm today.

The government is able to reduce the price of petrol by Rs 3.05 per litre. The price of diesel has however gone up by Rs 8.95. These prices are effective from midnight August 1. Pakistan Zindabad

— Miftah Ismail (@MiftahIsmail) July 31, 2022



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