Monday, August 15, 2022

Petroleum Dealers Association threatens nationwide strike from July 18

The Petroleum Dealers Association has threatened a nationwide strike from July 18.

Chairman Petroleum Dealers Association Abdul Sami Khan said in a statement that the pumps would not open until the demands were met and government officials did not know or want to hear anything.

“Rising petrol prices are not harming us, and most motorcyclists are worried,” he said. The previous government had promised to increase profits by 4% by June but the profits were not increased. Abdul Sami Khan demanded that the promise made to us be fulfilled. The Ministry of Petroleum has been told that if the profit is not increased in a week, it will take a tough decision.

“Our investment has increased and bank interest has risen to 13 per cent,” he said. We have a lot of pressure from dealers and now a decision is very important.



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