Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Physicists have discovered a magnetic substance that freezes when heated

Physicists have discovered a new type of behavior in a metal that appears to be the exact opposite of normal physics.

Scientists have discovered a magnetic field in a metal called neodymium that keeps it still as the temperature rises, a phenomenon that usually occurs when the temperature is lowered.

The New Diamond becomes an aspen glass on its own when each of its atoms behaves like a tiny magnet and turns in different directions. These cycles form a pattern that revolves like a spring and is constantly changing. Researchers found that when they heated the New Diemium from minus 268 degrees Celsius to 265 degrees Celsius, the cycle of its atoms became a magnet. To make it solidified and solidified. When the New Diem cooled down, its whirlwind pattern resumed.

Alexander, a professor of scanning probe microscopy at Redbud University in the Netherlands, said the freezing feature is not usually found in any magnetic material. The magnetic behavior we have observed in the new dimension is the opposite of the general situation. This is exactly how water turns to ice when heated.



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