PMP Study Guide

PMP Study Guide

Author of the book: JROSS

The PMP Study Guide offers basic knowledge and concepts for the exam, as well as practical questions to help you prepare for the PMP exam. Have

  • 1500 online study questions
  • Hundreds of questions about the situation.
  • 200 Mock Quizzes
  • Learn the secret to passing the exam
  • It covers all the important topics, concepts and techniques.
  • It includes a pre-assessment test, important definitions, exam questions and answers, case studies with exercises and suggested solutions to help the users.

    This first edition of the book was written by J. Based on the sixth edition of Ross’ PMI PMBOK guide. The book costs £699 and has a total of 486 pages. It is available in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bhutan and Maldives. You can buy it online at the official publication website of BPB at

    Contents of the book:

  • Learning Tips and Assessment Exams
  • Summary and Environment
  • role of project manager
  • integration
  • field of application
  • Almanac
  • cost
  • Quality
  • Resources
  • Communications
  • risk
  • Purchase
  • interest groups
  • final exam
  • attached file
  • list
  • Product Description

    PMBOK- Sixth Edition Study Guide to be used in conjunction with PMI Guide contains all the basic knowledge, concepts, exercises and exam questions that a project manager needs to prepare for the PMP (Project Management Professional) certification exam and Need to try to pass successfully while cutting the learning time in half the time.

    It covers all the topics covered by the PMP exam, including the PMI Content Summary for the PMP Exam and the broad service areas and interdisciplinary knowledge and skills defined in the PMI Code of Conduct. It provides free online access to over 1,500 practical questions, including hundreds of situational questions, and allows users to take practical tests by knowledge area and/or simulate 200 tests of real questions and receive feedback on incorrect answers. allows to do.

    The detailed information on important topics, concepts and techniques from PMI has recommended reading, so no additional resources are needed. The PMP Study Guide also provides a pre-assessment test that allows users to develop a focused study plan. A tip for studying, managing time, and taking exams; and a post-evaluation test to assess readiness for the actual exam.

    By reading the material, you know that it also includes what you need to know, important definitions and sample questions and answers as well as a case study that will guide you through the exercises and strengthen concepts and real ability. Suggest solutions to develop.

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