Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Police baton charge on spectators outside Multan Cricket Stadium

Police have charged batons at cricket fans outside the Multan Cricket Stadium to watch the match between Pakistan and the West Indies.

The entrance gates of Multan Cricket Stadium have been completely closed due to which there has been a huge rush of spectators outside the stadium.

In this regard, the spectators outside the stadium have alleged that they have match tickets but they are not being allowed to enter the stadium. Fans also protested outside the stadium over the practice.

Police say the stadium has already been overcrowded and there is no room for more people.

When people outside the stadium tried to enter, police then charged batons to disperse the crowd, causing a commotion. It is to be noted that the last match of the three-day ODI series between Pakistan and West Indies cricket teams is being played at Multan Cricket Stadium and it is in the final stages.

It may be recalled that Pakistan cricket team has already won the three-day series by two wickets.



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