Thursday, August 18, 2022

Princess Farah announces defamation suit against Atta Tarar

Former First Lady’s friend Farah Khan (Princess) has announced to file a defamation suit against Punjab Provincial Ministers Ata Tarar and Malik Ahmad Khan.

Farah Shahzadi, in a press conference of the provincial ministers, termed the allegations as fabricated and false and announced legal action against Interior Minister Ata Tarar and Law Minister Malik Ahmad Khan.

Farah Shahzadi’s lawyer Azhar Siddique said that a defamation suit against Ata Tarar was being filed in the civil court as the plot alleged by the provincial ministers was bought after fulfilling the legal requirements. Azhar Siddique Advocate He said that Farah Shahzadi is being targeted by the present government for revenge politics. The company being named is registered in SECP from November 26, 2020 and Farah Khan and his mother Bashra Khan share it There are holders.

He said that only 1 installment of the alleged plot has been paid, the plot has just been allotted temporarily, if there is any irregularity then the plot can be canceled.

Advocate Azhar Siddique said that action was being taken against Farah Shahzadi under criminal law and the same provisions were included in the case while FIR has not been provided so far.

He said that no installment has been paid on the alleged plot after the restraining order was issued and the land has not yet come into the possession of Farah Khan. The application fee is Rs 31,000 while the initial fee is Rs 27 million. 150,000 were deposited, the remaining 8 installments were to be submitted every 3 months.

He said that the value of the plot is Rs. 83 million, three months later the installment is Rs. 77 lakh 85 thousand, out of which only one installment of Rs. Episodes were stopped.

Azhar Siddique Advocate further said that Imran Khan and former first lady Bushra Bibi have nothing to do with this matter, this whole matter is being done to defame Imran Khan and his wife.



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