Providing relief to the poor and middle class is the top priority of the government, Punjab Finance Minister said

Providing relief to the poor and middle class is the

Provincial Finance Minister Owais Leghari said that the Punjab government under the leadership of Hamza Shabaz Sharif has increased the volume of annual development budget from Rs 560 billion to Rs 685 which is a record in the history of Punjab.

Addressing a post-budget press conference, Provincial Minister Owais Leghari said that the theme of the current year’s budget is to provide support to the middle class and poor people.

Owais Leghari said that unfortunately due to global conditions and incompetence of the previous government we are facing financial and economic pressure in which providing relief to the poor and middle class is the first priority of the government.

“If we did not include subsidy programs for the poor, the annual development budget would be close to Rs 800 billion,” he said.

He said that relief was being provided to the people through cheap flour at a cost of Rs. 200 billion under the leadership of Chief Minister Punjab.

“We are going to invest heavily in infrastructure, especially in the transport and highways sectors,” he said.

The provincial minister said that we have significantly increased the amount for education sector.

He said that the health sector has given priority to the problems of growing population and unhealthy situation whether it is in solid waste management or sanitation issues, as well as all health issues for the growing disease trend. Priority is being given to the centers under the leadership of Hamza Shahbaz. The focus is on providing free medicines even for the most severe ailments of various kinds. Will be done.

He said that the PML-N government’s pre-2018 health card issuance program, which the previous government had tried to attribute to its own name, was a significant step towards Rs 50-55 billion. Its volume has been increased with the addition of.

Owais Leghari said that we believe that high income earners do not have the right to take any kind of health insurance which is paid from the tax payer’s money, so in the next few weeks in a transparent manner Will be taken out of it.

He said that there is a program of prison reform, the conditions in which we have kept the prisoners are not acceptable to us, the Chief Minister is making special efforts to improve the conditions of the prisoners in the jail according to the human requirements.

He said that the budget of Human Development has been increased by 40% for women to play a better role in the economy of Punjab and Pakistan through some programs.

Addressing a press conference, Owais Leghari said that the people of Punjab are almost buried in the garbage dumps. From small population to big cities, there is a problem of garbage in every neighborhood from where diseases spread. We will not clean up once but want to give a system so that people can have a better environment.

He said that in the budget, the basic pay scale for Punjab government employees has been increased by 15% as well as special allowances by 15%.

He said that the pension has been increased by 5% after 10% increase from April, due to which the total increase in pension will be 15% so that the middle class and hardworking employees can get some relief in coping with inflation.

Provincial Minister Vais Leghari said that skill development of youth in Pakistan is very important, to prepare youth for something that the global economy can accept, it has artificial intelligence and coding, identified with industry which is very much. Potentially, this will enable the youth to play a positive role in the economy of Pakistan along with increasing their income.

He said that water scarcity is consuming Punjab and Pakistan, agriculture is being affected due to climate change etc., for which we will formulate and present better programs.

Answering a question, Owais Leghari said that the total revenue is Rs.500.5 billion, of which tax revenue is Rs.337 billion and non-tax revenue is Rs.163.5 billion.

Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leader and provincial minister Malik Ahmad Khan said that coming into government for one year and this is also the year of elections, then fixing the mismanagement of last three and a half to four years is the main agenda of the government. As well as providing great relief.

He said that political crisis was being created by those who did not have the courage to accept defeat.

He said that the government has not neglected any sector in the budget, the previous government had also eliminated medicines for diseases like cancer.

He said it looked like a war-torn province.

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