Friday, August 19, 2022

PTI govt donates 458 kanals of land to Imran Khan and his wife’s trust: Interior Minister

Home Minister Rana Sanaullah has alleged that former Prime Minister Imran Khan made an adjustment to Bahria Town instead of depositing Rs 50 billion in the national treasury and received a commission of Rs 5 billion with the help of Shehzad Akbar. What

Addressing a press conference in Islamabad, the Home Minister said that a meeting of the then Federal Cabinet was held on December 3, 2019 in which an agreement in an envelope was approved and it was stated that the then Prime Minister Imran Khan He told the cabinet that there was something in it and you should approve it.

He said that at that time the media had reported that the cabinet members had asked him to tell us if it was in it. A female member of the cabinet had said in a loud voice that we would tell you later. Just approve it, it was approved later.

He said that later it came to light from media and other sources that he transferred Rs 50 billion of Bahria Town to UK and it was not transferred under the existing law due to which the amount was traced there and The money was confiscated by British authorities and the National Crime Agency.

The Home Secretary said that the British authorities had contacted the Pakistani authorities and informed them that the money had reached us through illegal means and we had seized it. From here, Shehzad Akbar of the East Recovery Unit looked into the matter on behalf of the state but instead of using this money for the people of Pakistan, he allegedly fixed his share at Rs. 5 billion and made it a double standard.

Rana Sanaullah said that when these thieves came in the middle, they compiled a document here under this method, how we have to save 50 billion rupees and then we have to digest 5 billion and how To rob public money is to be honest and trustworthy.

He said that after the approval of this document, Shahzad Akbar went to UK and completed the whole process, after which he adjusted the loan of Rs. 50 billion for Bahria Town.

He said that the cabinet has constituted a sub-committee which will conduct a thorough inquiry into the matter and will bring out whatever is final as a result of these investigations.

The PML-N leader said that the same Bahria Town which was adjusted to the tune of Rs. This land was transferred by Bahria Town in the name of Al-Qadir Trust. This land was donated by Bahria Town. It has two trustees, the first being Bushra Khan and the second being the former prime minister.

He said that apart from this, there is 200 kanals more, 100 kanals of this land is in Bani Gala and it has been transferred in the name of Mismat Farah Shahzadi, besides 100 kanals of land in the name of Farah Shahzadi in March 2021. Another 40 kanals of land were transferred in August.

The Home Minister said that these are honest and trustworthy people who lost 50 billion rupees of the nation, squandered the nation’s money and received their share of it. The first lady signed it herself, in the same way the land is being transferred directly to Farah Princess.

He said that Princess Farah did not run away because she was taking money from the officers for exchange or because of the rings she was taking, she ran away because she had no explanation that 200 kanals of land was being built. How and why did they buy it and why did Bahria Town give it to them?



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