PTI schedule for by-elections on vacant seats of Punjab Assembly

PTI schedule for by elections on vacant seats of Punjab Assembly

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has released the schedule for the by-elections on the 20 general seats vacated by the Punjab Assembly members who have defected from the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), according to which polling will take place on July 17.

According to the notification issued by the Election Commission, nomination papers for the by-elections can be submitted from June 4 to June 7.

The Returning Officers will scrutinize the nomination papers till June 11 and appeals against the Returning Officers’ decisions can be filed till June 15.

The ECP notification said that the tribunal would decide on the appeals by June 21 while the revised list of candidates would be posted on June 22.

The notification said that the last date for withdrawal of nomination papers is June 23 while the candidates will be allotted election symbols on June 24.

The ECP has decided to hold the elections in accordance with Section 57 of the Election Commission Act 2017 and Section 102 (4) of Article 224 of the Constitution of Pakistan.

The constituencies in which by-election schedule has been issued include 4 in Lahore, 2 in Jhang, Lodhran and Muzaffargarh, 2 in Rawalpindi, Khushab, Bhakkar, Faisalabad, Sheikhupura, Sahiwal, Multan, Bahawalnagar, Layyah and Dera Ghazi Khan. One, one circle included.

It may be recalled that the Election Commission has issued a notification to terminate the membership of 25 dissident members who voted in favor of PML-N candidate Hamza Shahbaz instead of PTI nominee Chaudhry Pervez Elahi in the election of Chief Minister. Issued in May.

The statement said that the membership of 20 members elected in the general seats of the Punjab Assembly, 3 in the reserved seats for women and 2 members in the minority seats had been terminated.

The ECP had said that Saghir Ahmed, Malik Ghulam Rasool Sangha, Saeed Akbar Khan, Mohammad Ajmal, Abdul Aleem Khan, Nazir Chauhan, Mohammad Amin Zulqarnain, Noman Langarial, Mohammad Salman Naeem, Zawar Hussain Waraich, Nazir Ahmed Khan, Fida Hussain, Zahra. Batool, Mohammad Tahir, Ayesha Nawaz, Sajida Yousuf, Haroon Imran Gill, Azmi Kardar, Malik Asad Ali, Ejaz Masih, Mohammad Sabteen Raza, Mohsin Ata Khan Khosa, Mian Khalid Mahmood, Mehr Mohammad Aslam, Faisal Hayat Has gone

Many of these members belong to Jahangir Tareen group, Aleem Khan group and Asad Khokhar group.

The Election Commission had decided to de-seat 25 deviant members of PTI who had supported Hamza Shahbaz in the May 20 Chief Ministerial election.

The ECP had unanimously pronounced the verdict in the light of the Supreme Court’s interpretation of Article 63A, however, the PTI’s deviant members of the Punjab Assembly were not disqualified for life.

After the ECP’s decision, Khalid Ishaq, a lawyer for the dissident MLAs, told Dawn News that an appeal could be lodged in the Supreme Court against the ECP’s decision and challenged the ECP’s decision within 30 days as per law. can go.

He said that the Supreme Court could decide on appeals within 90 days but the decision to file appeals would be taken after consultation.

The ECP had on May 17 reserved its decision on the reference saying that it would be announced the next day (Wednesday) at 12 noon but the announcement was later postponed.

The votes of 25 dissident members of PTI helped Hamza Shahbaz to get a majority, he got a total of 197 votes while 186 votes were required for a simple majority.

Following the election of Hamza Shahbaz as Chief Minister on April 16, the PTI had sent a statement to the Speaker of the Punjab Assembly, Pervez Elahi, declaring 25 members of the Provincial Assembly as defectors. Were also joint candidates.

Later, Pervez Elahi had sent a reference to the Election Commission and urged that these legislators should be de-seated for deviating from PTI by voting in favor of Hamza Shahbaz in violation of party directives.

Names and constituencies of D-seat assembly members

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