Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Punjab budget will be presented today

A meeting of the Punjab Assembly will be held today under the chairmanship of Speaker Pervez Elahi. Provincial Minister Owais Leghari will present the budget for the next financial year in the House.

The volume of Punjab budget will be more than Rs. 3,200 billion. The volume of Punjab development budget has been fixed at Rs. 685 billion. It has been proposed to allocate Rs. 1,700 billion for non-development and current expenditure. The budget also includes a recommendation to allocate funds.

According to sources, the Punjab government will take Rs 120 billion from the federation in the amount due. The decision to increase the pensions and salaries of Punjab government employees will be made according to the federation. Will not be imposed, Punjab budget will be given special concession in payment of electricity bills to low resource persons, in the budget

The concession given in provincial revenue will be maintained. Flour facilitation package in the budget

It will be continued in the financial year as well. Punjab budget will allocate Rs 101 billion for special programs, 17% cut in production sector and 9% cut in service sector. The budget for social sector will be increased by 33%. Rs 272 billion is being set aside for the sector. Infrastructure development will be increased by 11% in the Punjab budget.



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