Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Rawalpindi; Fear of flooding in Nala Lai, army called

Due to the rains, there was a fear of flooding in Nala Lai, the administration issued an alert to the population and called the triple one brigade of the army for assistance.

Due to flooding in Rawalpindi Nallah Lai, alarm sirens will sound and Rawalpindi Pak Army Triple One Brigade was called which started rescue operation for the people living on the banks of the drain.

There are reports that the water level in the canal continues to rise, a pre-alert has been issued in Katarian and an alert has been issued in Gowalmandi, the water level in Katarian has reached 15.5 feet and the water level in Gowal Mandi has reached 15 feet. is increasing

In Golmandi, the level of evacuation of houses on the banks of Nallah Lai is 20 feet, the filling level of the Nallah remained a few feet away due to which a danger alert was issued. If the rain does not stop, the water level in Nala Lai may rise further.

Meanwhile, due to the rain, water entered the low-lying areas of the cantt, people were busy keeping valuables in their homes, news of water entering the low-lying areas of Chaklala cantt also came to light. Jama Masjid Road, City Sadar Road and Mochi Bazar many cars were submerged in water.

In the same way, the destruction of rain continues in Rawalpindi, where the low-lying areas have been submerged, the commercial centers have also been damaged. There are reports that the commercial centers of Rawalpindi have also been submerged in water. Water has entered, the traders have suffered a total loss of crores of rupees due to the soaking of the goods.

Citizens of Rawalpindi started sharing pictures and videos of the rain damage on social media.



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