Resolved: Cannot clear print queue on Windows 10

Resolved Cannot clear print queue on Windows 10

Printer not working errors are common among users, but there is also an issue that documents won’t clear from the Windows 10 print queue.


Cannot Clear Print Queue Overview:

You may encounter a stuck print job at any time on Windows 10. The most common errors are:

1. After printing a document, you can still see it in the print queue and the print queue won’t clear it on Windows 10.

2. You cannot cancel or clear a stuck job from the print queue.

3. The document you want to delete will be in the print queue in Windows 10.

4. Print job stuck and can’t stop printing on Windows 10.

Whatever your real case, and no matter what your printer is, be it HP, Brother or Canon, this post will show you how to clear the print queue when it won’t clear on Windows 10.

If you want to fix Windows 10 that won’t stop printing because you can’t clear the print queue, you should try each of the ways below one by one until the printing problem disappears from your PC.

Why is the print job stuck in the queue?

Print jobs that don’t clear in Windows 10 can be caused by various settings related to the printer, but most likely the main cause is the print spooler. That is why this article would like to provide the following ways for you.

How to fix Windows 10 that cannot clear the print queue?

To help you get rid of the printer that won’t stop printing on Windows 10, there are the most effective and efficient methods to fix your printing errors.

You should use these ways to reset and clear the Windows 10 print spooler.

Solution 1: Canceling a Stuck Print Job on Windows 10

Only when you have learned how to correctly cancel a print job will you be able to see why you cannot clear the print queue on Windows 10.

So the first thing you need to do is try to cancel the print job on Windows 10, on the basis of this action you are eligible to try to clear the print queue from Windows 10.

To cancel a print job on Windows 10, simply right-click the print job and select Cancel from the drop-down menu on the right.

If you can successfully stop the print job, maybe you can clear the print queue in Windows 10 as well.

Solution 2: Use Command Prompt to clear the print queue on Windows 10

You can use the Windows Command Prompt to solve the print job that stays in the queue after printing in Windows 10. You can get rid of this printing error quickly with the following steps.

Here, managed to force clear the print queue for Windows 10 using Command Prompt. You must stop the print spooler to clear the spooler files, and then you can restart the print spooler on Windows 10.

1. Enter Command Prompt in the search box and then right click on the result to Run as administrator.

2 in Command Promptknock on net stop spooler and then press Enter run this command to stop printing the print spooler.

3. Then search File Explorer in Start search box and press Enter open it. Or you can directly right click This PC on the Desktop to navigate to the file explorer.

4. In File Explorerin the address bar search C:WindowsSystem32SpoolPrinters and then the stroke Enter to go to this directory.

5. In the Printers folder, right click on all the files to Delete surname.

6. Then come back Command Promptand then enter net start spooler in there.

When you press Enter to execute this command you will also restart the print spooler.

At this point, you can also try to check if you can remove the document from the print queue and delete the print job on Windows 10.

Solution 3: Restart the Print Spooler Service to Clear the Windows 10 Print Queue

For the Windows 10 print queue not clearing issue, you can also make some changes to the print spooler service to fix the print job that won’t be cleared from the print queue.

In this section, like method 2, you will be suggested to stop the print spooler service and then attempt to delete the related files before restarting this print service.

1. Press Windows + CHEAP to activate the Run box and then in the box enter services.msc. To hit OK to get inside Services.

2 in Servicesscroll down to find out and right click Print Spooler arrive Stop.

3. Then in File Explorergo C:WindowsSystem32SpoolPrinters and then try to right click on the files to Delete one by one.

4. Then in Serviceslocate Print Spooler and then right click on it to Start.

All done, you can also restart your PC to take effect.

Therefore, conceiving that Windows 10’s inability to clear the print queue will no longer annoy you.

Solution 4: Change the print spooler startup type

If you want to handle Windows 10 print queues that won’t clear more completely, there is also another thing you have to do, which is to change the print spooler startup type from Disabled arrive Manual.

1 in Services windowfind out Print Spooler and then right click on it to open Properties.

2 in Print Spooler Propertieslocate Startup type and then decided to set it as Manual.

Then hit Apply and OK to save the changes.

Here you can also choose to set up Startup type like Automatic.

Right after that, it’s available for you to resolve the Windows 10 printer won’t stop printing error. You can check it in the print queue when you are enabled to remove the document from the print queue as you wish.

In short, regarding Windows 10’s inability to clear the print queue, here are the most effective ways you can choose. In other words, you need to change the settings related to the print spooler.

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