Resolved: Unable to connect to NVIDIA on Windows 10

Resolved Unable to connect to NVIDIA on Windows 10


Unable to connect to NVIDIA Overview

Do you get an error message saying Unable to connect to NVIDIA. Try again later? Or you may get an error Unable to connect to NVIDIA. Check your internet connection.

Many people may think it’s a network problem after seeing the prompt, so they wait a while and try again, but Geforce Experience still pops up the error message tells you it can’t connect nvidia. Nothing has changed, the problem is still there.

Why can’t I connect to NVIDIA on Windows 10?

When you use NVIDIA hardware in Windows 10, why does Windows 10 Geforce Experience give an error that cannot connect? It can lie in two aspects.

One is that the NVIDIA server may be having issues at the moment, so when you run the NVIDIA Geforce Experience, it will pop up a message allowing you to try again later. And sometimes, it’s the Geforce Experience program that’s running.

The other belongs to the NVIDIA network service. The NIVIDIA network service is stuck at the restart state, so you cannot connect the NVIDIA server.

How to Connect GeForce Experience to NVIDIA?

Let’s go down to solve this NVIDIA problem on Windows 10 according to its cause. Before trying complicated solutions, you need to make sure there is no problem with your NVIDIA server, reconnect NVIDIA again.

Solution 1: Restart NVIDIA Network Services

Inactive NVIDIA service can cause GeForce Experience to disconnect from NVIDIA, so you should restart it.

To restart NVIDIA Services, you must first delete NSManagedTasks.xml which is an XML file type related to NVIDIA operations.

1. To finish deleting NSManagedTasks.xml, go to C:ProgramDataNvidia CorporationNetService

2. Then right click Delete the NSManagedTasks.xml.

Tip: If you can’t find this NSManagedTasks.xml, try scrolling on top of File Explorer, click on it. View > Display Hidden Items.

Then move on to starting NVIDIA services for the purpose of connecting it to GeForce Experience.

You should restart NVIDIA services in task manager. For this GeForce Experience, the failure to connect to NVIDIA to a large extent may be due to NVIDIA network service issues.

You can restart video card services on Windows 10.

In this process, you are going through two main processes, which is the end of the task for NVNetworkService.exe is a software component of NVIDIA Network Services monitoring updates for NVIDIA cards and then starts NVIDIA Network Service.

3. Right click on Start and choose Task Manager from the list.

4. Under Detailslocate NVNetworkService.exe and right click on it to End task.

After finishing the task for NVnetworkservcie.exe, to resolve the error cannot connect to NVIDIA, go deeper to restart NVIDIA Network Services for Windows 10.

5. Press Windows + CHEAP to activate Run. Type services.msc in the box and hit OK open Services.

6. Scroll down to find out NVIDIA Network Service and right click on it to Start.

Solution 2: Uninstall and reinstall GeForce Experience

Sometimes you find your GeForce Experience can’t download NVIDIA drivers and returns a simple error of Can’t connect NVIDIA, try again later. In this case, you should update GeForce Experience on Windows 10, especially when it is older than 2.5xx.

1. Exit the running GeForce Experience.

2. Go to Control Panel > Programs and Features to Uninstall GeForce Experience.

3. Download the latest version of GeForce Experience from here.

4. Follow the installation instructions to install it step by step.

All done, you can try to connect NVIDIA to GeForce Experience and see if GeForce Experience can update the driver for your NVIDIA card driver this time on Windows 10.

And now, when you open it up, the error Can’t connect NVIDIA to your GeForce Experience won’t show up.

Solution 3: Update NVIDIA Drivers

Some NVIDIA GeForce Experience users have reported that if GeForce GTX graphics card drivers are outdated or incompatible with Windows 10, nor can they connect to NVIDIA, not to mention automatic driver updates for NVIDIA cards.

Therefore, you can also download the updated NVIDIA driver without effort to solve the error of not being able to connect to NVIDIA on Windows 10.

For this section, several options are available for you to get updated video card drivers for Windows 10.

Option 1: Update NVIDIA card drivers in Device Manager

via this path: Device Manager > Display adapter > the NVIDIA GeForce driver > Update drivers.

Then, follow the instructions to have Windows 10 automatically search online for NVIDIA drivers.

Option 2: Update the NVIDIA Graphics card driver manually

For NVIDIA GeForce users, you have the privilege of visiting the NVIDIA Support website to download the latest version of the NVIDIA graphics driver that it has released. And here is the solution: Steps for updating NVIDIA drivers manually.

It is possible that after you install the most up-to-date NVIDIA driver, GeForce can connect to NVIDIA.

Option 3: Update NVIDIA Card Drivers Automatically by Driver Booster

To fix the GeForce Experience can’t connect to NVIDIA error by updating the NVIDIA driver or when you can’t find it on the NVIDIA website, Driver Booster can be a great help.

Driver Booster can download the latest NVIDIA graphics drivers for you quickly and safely. It can update it in two clicks – Scan and Update.

For customers who want to solve the problem of not being able to connect to NVIDIA without delay, Driver Booster can be called the best choice for you.

Referring to this can’t or can’t connect to NVIDIA for GeForce Experience issue, this topic focus on teaching you to solve this GeForce update error, you should focus on drivers, services related to NVIDIA cards.

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