Sajid Sadpara’s Health Deteriorated During The Mount Everest Adventure

Sajid Sadparas health deteriorated during the Mount Everest adventure

Sajid Sadpara, son of renowned Pakistani mountaineer Ali Sadpara, fell ill during the Mount Everest adventure. Due to lack of oxygen, Sajid Sadpara’s health deteriorated and he was shifted to base camp.

When Sajid Sadpara became unwell, fellow climbers tied him up, after which he was transferred to base camp.

According to the report, Sajid Sadpara is suffering from severe depression in Nepal. It was also reported that the Nepali climbers identified Sajid Sadpara through his passport and the Pakistani Consulate was contacted.

Sajid Sadpara has been in Nepal for the last ten days to climb Mount Everest, accompanied by 70-year-old French mountaineer Marc Bٹرtert.

Alpine Club Secretary Karar Haidari said that Sajid had fallen ill due to lack of oxygen at the height of the dam. In this disease the patient usually loses his mental balance. It is difficult to recognize the other person and sometimes there is a risk of water leaking into the lungs.

It is being said that now Sajid Sadpara has recovered and he is out of danger. It should be noted that Sajid Sadpara is suffering from severe mental stress after the death of Ali Sadpara during the K2 head campaign last winter.

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