Sansad’s New Invention, ‘Smart Pacifier’ Indicating Dehydration

Sansads new invention smart pacifier indicating dehydration

Scientists have invented a smart nipple equipped with an electronic sensor that can warn the body of dehydration and other deficiencies.

Sodium, calcium, and potassium, and other salts in the body, especially in newborns, are noted for dehydration.

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They are collectively called electrolytes. Traditional blood tests are the only way to detect electrolyte deficiency. Now with the help of smart nipples, the lack of water and salts in the baby can be detected without any problem.

The risk of dehydration is especially high in premature babies. They contain significant amounts of blood as well as human saliva.

Professor Jong Hoon-kim of Washington State University has installed electrical circuits and sensors in ordinary pacifiers. The baby sucks it and the sensors accurately detect the amount of sodium and potassium ions in the saliva. Experts have used several criteria for its calibration. Its data is transmitted via BlueTooth to the parent’s phone app. All its information is displayed on the app screen.

Baby saliva dehydration systems have been developed before but have not been very popular due to their high cost and weight. When smart nipples were tested on newborns in hospitals, they showed accurate statistics, much like traditional blood tests. That is, it can be used in place of traditional technology around the world.

In the next phase, smart suckers will be made more efficient, less costly and recyclable.

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