Scientists Succeed For The First Time In Lunar Soil

Scientists succeed for the first time in lunar soil

Scientists have for the first time succeeded in growing plants in the moon’s soil. This research on plant growth has been described as important for the supply of food and oxygen to the moon.

According to a report by a non-news agency, the plants were grown in the soil samples collected from the Apollo missions sent to the moon. This is the first time that plants have been planted in the soil of another space in the earth.

The plant growth research has been hailed as important for the supply of food and oxygen to the moon, where NASA is considering sending a woman and a black man for the first time under the Artemis program by the end of this decade. Is.

The experiment also revealed how difficult it is to grow plants on the surface of the moon because it is so different from the earth.

The success of growing plants in lunar soil was achieved by experts from the University of Florida in the United States, who said that it helped to prove that the soil samples of the moon do not contain germs or unknown substances that are life threatening. I am

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