Seeing The Success Of The No-Confidence Motion, Imran Khan Reduced The Price Of Petrol: Pm

Seeing the success of the no confidence motion Imran Khan reduced

Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif has criticized former Prime Minister Imran Khan and said that if any of our government had received the support given to Ladley by our powerful institution, Pakistan would have gone up like a rocket.

Addressing a function at Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif said that he had to come to Karachi today as Pakistan Navy had organized a ceremony where a warship was to be launched with the cooperation of Turkey and Pakistan.

“I told my colleagues that I would like to know your opinion about the current industrial, economic and financial situation at your service in Karachi,” he said.

He said that he was grateful to Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah, Muftah Ismail and Karachi Chamber.

The Prime Minister said that I have not come here to score political points and it is of no use, I have come to know the solution to the real problems.

He said that the dollar was Rs 115 in August 2018 when our united government was formed through mistrust and when I was sworn in on April 11, the dollar was at Rs 189 which was traveling from Rs 115 to Rs 189.

He said that it was not our fault that it was a flight of Rs. 60-65 but after taking oath, the dollar became cheaper by Rs.

Shahbaz Sharif said that if the previous government knew that the no-confidence motion would be successful, then some chauvinists suggested that petrol and oil prices should be reduced.

He said that the world has the highest prices in history and Pakistan is living on debt, this is the reality and then this trap was being laid somewhere that if mistrust succeeds then the next government will fall into this trap. So that was the trick.

He said that there was a political compulsion that hailstones fell on the heads of those who did not give relief to the common man for three and a half years and did not remember and kept on borrowing.

He said that there should be a single project in Pakistan which is related to livelihood, agriculture, society, the previous government took a project seriously and it was time to eat its fruits.

He said that from 2018 to March 30, 2022, the debts increased by 80%. At that time, there was no political chaos. And no one will get it in the future, I want to say this without fear and denial.

He said that he would humbly say that if any of our government had got even 30% of the support that Ladley got, I would have humbly said that Pakistan would have been going up like a rocket. do not have.

The Prime Minister said that I am not taking any idea to the world but everything is in front of you. C-Pack came, projects were started in Port Qasim and Punjab, power projects were started in Punjab and here.

He said that 4 projects worth billions of dollars were implemented, in such a short period of time cheap and modern machinery projects have not been implemented not only in the history of Pakistan but also in the history of the world.

Talking about load shedding, he questioned whether it was the result of political turmoil, or the worst inefficiency, lack of planning, inexperience and corruption. Decide today and it should be decided.

He said that this increase of Rs 10, 12 dollars may have many interpretations but I ask why the load shedding which was over started again and where the debt of Rs 22 trillion went.

He said that these are sticking questions, which the nation seeks answers and should get answers, export sugar, but give subsidy to the poor nation.

He said that wheat used to be exported but now it is being imported. Was it a result of political turmoil? The price of LNG in the market was ڈالر 3 per unit. If they are making deals then was it the result of political chaos, God willing, it should be analyzed with patience, tolerance and honesty.

He said that if I have made a mistake, I should apologize, if I have ever made a mistake, it should be rectified, but after the worst government of three and a half years, certificates of treason and loyalty should be distributed.

The Prime Minister said that this Pakistan was created to hollow out, destroy and ruin the country and then there was betrayal, these are traitors and they are loyal.

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