Slack vs Mattermost: Which Should You Choose?

Slack vs Mattermost Which Should You Choose

Slack and Mattermost are very similar products competing for a very different part of the market. Slack is geared more towards users who want easy access, simplicity, and a ‘it just works’ philosophy. On the other hand, Mattermost tries to give you a sense of security, privacy, and of course no restrictions on search history. I will compare both software on the following parameters to give you a better idea while choosing the best communication tool for your organization.

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Slack vs Mattermost

1. Storage

The most important server is self-hosted

Slack is a cloud-based tool and is incredibly easy to incorporate into your existing organization. You can just create a group, add members and start working, it’s that simple. Even SquadGuide runs on Slack. Mattermost, on the other hand, gives you the freedom to host your own server, allowing you to deploy the software according to your Organization’s security guidelines.

Let me make it easier for you if your organization wants to locally host your chats, attachments, and files on their own servers. Want more control over how the tool is deployed across your work network or have strict IT regulations, then Mattermost is the way to go.

However, if your team is small and new with a lot of variety, who wants a tool that gets the job done? Slack is the best tool for you.

2. User Interface and User Experience

Both have similar user interface

As I said before, Slack was the most appropriate tool at SquadGuide but I had no problem switching to Mattermost during my testing.

Both Slack and Mattermost look identical with a similar layout, where you have a large chat window on the right and contacts on the left. You can add different groups and keep their access to exclusive channels and users. That means you can work with different teams and they won’t have access to each other’s channels, which is a great plus for organizations with different teams. Both Slack and Mattermost support rich text formatting, which means you’ll get a consistent messaging experience across both tools.

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Plus, you get custom slash commands, emojis, and support for multiple languages ​​on both. Mattermost supports 16 different languages ​​while Slack only supports five. Plus, you can customize Mattermost to match your organization’s branding.

Not to say but I noticed a slight difference between Slack and Mattermost, the reply option. Slack does it so badly that I never noticed it was bad until I used Mattermost. Mattermost’s reply feature is easier to understand than Slack.

Conclusion; Slack and Mattermost are equally good, and you get a consistent layout and User Experience across both tools. It’s really going to be hectic according to taste.

3. Message Search Limits

Unlimited history of messages

Both Slack and Mattermost have a free plan along with a paid subscription. However, Slack limits your searchable messages to 10,000 messages in the free version, which can be a problem solver for many organizations. Mattermost has no such limitation in the free plan as the data is stored on your own server anyway.

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You have to upgrade to a paid plan to get rid of this limitation in Slack, but you can get around this limitation with Slarck which allows you to search your entire search history, even on the free plan.

4. Application and bot integration

Slack has better app integration

Honestly here, Slack beats Mattermost out of the park when it comes to integrations with the tool. Slack has nearly 1500 programs and app integrations that make Slack a tamed god. Both Mattermost and Slack have APIs for creating your apps and bots, but Slack wins by sheer numbers. Check out some of the best Slack apps here.

If you want a communication tool that sits between your existing services like Google Drive, Github, Trello, Zapier, then Slack is unquestionable. Mattermost integrates with Github, Zapier, Docker, GoLang, Jira, etc, so if you work with these services and want other Mattermost parameters to suit your needs then switch to Mattermost.

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5. Mobile Application

Both have mobile apps, but Slack is polished.

Just like the desktop version of the tool, the mobile app is just as important today. Both Slack and Mattermost are available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. However, Slack has found its apps, and you can seamlessly transition from desktop to mobile. The most important apps are just there with minor hiccups here and there. For example, the iOS app for Mattermost sometimes freezes and doesn’t sync notifications. So Slack takes the pie here.

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6. Video calling

Mattermost lacks native video calling.

Slack has built-in voice and video calling and supports one-on-one calling on the free plan. Mattermost used to implement webRTC for video calling but they stopped integrating since beta. You can install third-party plugins like Skype for Business, Jitsi, Zoom, BigBlueButton etc. Most Plugins have their own pricing so it can be an extra charge for users who don’t already have a video calling solution in their organization.

So, if you want inbuilt calling support, Slack is already there, however, if you have already paid for one of the Mattermost support services, integrating those services with Mattermost would be an option. choose better.

7. File Storage

There is no storage limit in Mattermost.

Slack gives you 5 GB total file space in the free version and 10 GB per user if you upgrade to the paid plan. When you go over the 5GB limit, older files are stored and can be unlocked when you upgrade. This is not the case for Mattermost, all files are stored on your own Database, you can store as much data on servers as you have space and still have access until deleted from the server.

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8. Price

Mattermost is free and open source for a self-hosted plan.

I compared the features you get in the free version of Slack and Mattermost but if you want to upgrade to a paid subscription you get some extra perks at the enterprise level. The paid Slack Standard plan gives you OAuth access with Google APIs, SAML-based Single Sign-On, custom retention policies for files and messages, and priority support. Mattermost Enterprise E10 also offers features like LDAP SSO, encrypted push notifications, advanced access control policies, and next business day support. Slack Standard costs $80/user/year (discounted at $32/user/year) and Mattermost Enterprise E10 will set you back $39/user/year.

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Ending words: Slack v Mattermost

As I said earlier, Slack and Mattermost are pretty similar software solutions that cater to very different niches. Since they are in the same competitive market, many users are confused between the two options. Slack should be your choice if your organization is small, diverse and wants a ‘efficient’ tool. It is very easy to deploy and integrate with other applications and services just making it incredibly easy.

Mattermost should be the choice for organizations where data security and privacy are a top priority. Self-hosting just makes testing easier and gives your organization more control over the data.

I hope this guide has cleared you of any doubts about the two tools. What do you think of these two software applications and which do you use in your workplace? Let me know in the comments below. If you are looking for free instant messaging apps for business then check it out here.

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