Snack Video: Share Videos & How To Earn Money From Snack Video App


Snack Video App: Snack video is a short video making app in which you can make videos like funny, magic videos, entertainment or tips and tricks. Snack video is like a social media platform. Snake Video App is a Short Video Creator Platform where you can shoot and upload short videos, here you can shoot and upload videos ranging from 15 seconds to 60 seconds.

Snack video app works just like Chinese app like helo, tiktok, kwai, vigo video etc. The snake video has been developed exactly copy of tiktok, here too you can shoot, edit, and upload your video and also share it with the people.

After the closure of Tiktok, many short video applications came in the market but they were not all that popular. Winning that snake video app is becoming popular in today’s time.

How to download Snack Video?

Snack video app download: – If you want to download this application then you can easily get it from Google Playstore or Itunes.

Who Owns Snack Video App?

This snack video app belongs to China. And to prove this, when I searched the name of snack video app Owner, the truth came out in it and in it came the names of two founders which are as follows-

  • Gordon Sun (Founder)
  • Sunny Wu CE

One of them is from China and the other is from America. But its main founder, Gordon Sun, is from China. You must have used the Kwai app or you must have heard the name of this app, which is one of the 59 Chines app banned by the Government of India right now.

I want to give you an important information about this app that joyo technology private limited company which operates snack video app also has a stake in kwai app.

Which Country Is Snack Video From: – First of all it is said that “Snack video is app of china” and it is also related to kwai app and kwai is a Chinese app. So snack video is also from China country but until the Chinese app was closed inside India, then snack video was connected to kwai app and kwai is a Chinese app from which it is said that snack video china app is

But the other aspect of this is when you open the privacy policy of snack video app in google play store, then the company is registered in the name of joyo technology private limited. Which is a registered company of Singapore, it seems that the snack video app is a Singaporean app.

Getting Started With Snack Video

If you have downloaded the Snake Video App, then you can create your account in it, it is very easy to create an account in it, just you have to open it after downloading it and you will get the options to create an account there.

You have to open the snake video app on your mobile and there you will see the option of Icon of Me, you have to click on it.

You will get 3 options there continue with Facebook, continue with Google and continue with Phone number, click on whichever account you want to create and create an account.


Snake Video Profile Edit

After creating an account, you can edit your profile in App, you can fill your name, Username, gender, etc. in it.

How to Shoot Video in Snack Video App

After opening the snake video app, you will see a plus button in the middle, you can click on it and shoot the video directly.

But before shooting the video, you have to give permission to this app, whoever asks for permission from you, you have to allow it.

And after that you can do video suite and edit together and you can filter filter transaction, add audio.

How to Upload Video in Snack Video App

For this, after opening the Snack Video App, you can upload it by clicking on the plus button and reaching the gallery directly and selecting the video.

But if you want to apply video, edit, Transaction, Effect, Filters etc. then you can upload it from here.

How to put hash tag in snake video app

Whenever you upload a video in the Snack Video App, then after that you get the option of Hashtag before posting, you can install Hashtag from there.

Keep in mind that you have to put trending Hashtag or else your video will not be viral.

How to make video viral in Snake Video app

There is no bigger tips and tricks to make a video viral in Snack Video App, you have to put a Hashtag properly, you have to tag your friends and together you have to maintain consistency.

That is, you have to keep uploading videos continuously, only then you will be viral in one or the other videos and you will become viral.

Ways to Earn Money From Snack Video App

To make money from friends Snack Video App, you should have at least 10000 followers in your Snack Video App account only then you can earn money otherwise it becomes a bit difficult to earn money from your Snack Video App.

How to earn money from Affiliate Marketing with Snack Video App

Whenever there are more followers on your snap video app, then you can earn a lot of money by doing affiliate marketing on it. You can also earn by selling products of an online shopping website through Affiliate Marketing, .

Earn money by invite friends

From this app, you can earn money by sharing a link to your friends, that is, by going to the Navigation of the app and clicking on the Setting icon, you will get the option of Play & Earn. You have to click on it and after that you will get options like Invite, Get 10000 Coin Now and Post, you can earn money by inviting from there.

When you invite someone on the Snack video App and your friend registers it, you get 25 to 70 rupees or more. When you have 5000 Coin, you can withdraw your money by transferring it to Paytm.

Make money from Sponsorship in Snack Video App

Today, many big companies make you review an application, website, any product and give you money in exchange, then with the help of Snack Video App app, you can earn a lot of money in this way and be good followers. Can be the way to earn the most money

Earn money from competitions

In such an app, Video Contest keeps on running, you can participate in these Video Contest, anyone who participates in this Contest and wins, then Prizes are available. Which can be anything from I Phone to T-shirt or anything, then this method is also very good with which you can earn money.

Earn money from Refer And Earn

If you are a good follower and the traffic on your account is good, then you can earn money by Refer and Earn way by invite them on any Android App or Website.

Product Selling

If you have a good follower, then you can also sell your product in this way, today many people are selling many products such as T-shirt to Bracelet on such app and are earning a lot of money but for this account above Should have good traffic

Shopify Store

This method is a bit difficult because it requires a lot of traffic, so that more traffic can be sent to Shopify E-commerce Store and earn good money.

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