Friday, August 19, 2022

So far, more than 38,000 Pakistani pilgrims have arrived in Saudi Arabia, a spokesman for religious affairs said

The process of transporting all the pilgrims directly to Madinah from Pakistan to Makkah has been completed. Under the government’s Hajj scheme, more than 11,400 pilgrims reached Mecca through Jeddah Airport.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Religious Affairs said that more than 8,000 pilgrims have arrived in Saudi Arabia under the private Hajj scheme, while the monitoring department has completed monitoring of 22 out of 802 private Hajj companies.

According to the spokesperson, a free Hajj helpline 8002450044 has been set up in Saudi Arabia to guide the pilgrims. A team of 376 medical personnel, assistants and religious affairs officials engaged in administrative affairs in Makkah / Madinah / Jeddah lost their way and took 133 pilgrims on their way to their residences.

Millions of children of Islam, who have reached the Holy Hijaz for Hajj from all over the world, including Pakistan, were blessed with Friday prayers at the Masjid-ul-Haram. On this occasion, special arrangements were made by the Pakistan Hajj Mission to ensure timely access of its pilgrims to the Masjid-ul-Haram.

Hajj Director Ibrahim Ahmad Mirza, in-charge F&D Mushahid Hussain and other officials directly monitored the process. In this regard, it was directed to complete the process of departure of Baitullah Sharif from the residences of Hajj pilgrims before 10 am so that Pakistani pilgrims do not face any difficulty in entering Masjid-ul-Haram.

Special duties of assistant pilgrims and Hajj seasonal staff were imposed outside all entrances and gates of Masjid-ul-Haram to provide better guidance to the pilgrims. In his sermon, the Imam of the Ka’bah stressed the need for all believers and the world of Islam to abide by the commands of Allah and His Messenger and to be pious, and said that the solution to the problems of the present age lies in these commands.

He said that unity of the Islamic world is the need of the hour and all Muslim countries should show unity and solidarity with each other so that our problems can be solved. Guided to the path. 438 complaints of loss of personal belongings were received out of which 400 items were found and handed over to the departed.

Two hospitals and six dispensaries are working under the supervision of specialist doctors and paramedical staff to protect the health of the pilgrims. All departments are being monitored under the supervision of the Facilitation and Cooperation Department of the Central Control Office, Makkah.



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