Solved: Unable to change default apps in Windows 10

Solved Unable to change default apps in Windows 10

Sometimes, you need to change the default program to open files on your PC, but sometimes, you find that you can’t change the default apps or programs in Windows 10.

If Windows Settings doesn’t allow you to force Windows 10 to set programs as default, you should make sure to check default apps and settings after recent Windows 10 updates. This post will show you how to do it to solve Windows 10 default apps not working.

How to fix Windows 10 that won’t let me change default programs?

The fact that the default Windows application does not change can be due to a variety of reasons, such as incorrect settings. Now you can also use step-by-step troubleshooting.

3: Set Default Opening Programs With Another App Option

4: Change Default Apps Automatically

5: Set to Default Program in Programs’ Settings

6: Run DISM to Fix Windows 10 Default Programs

7: Sign in Windows 10 with Microsoft Account

8: Check Driver Issue Related Windows 10 Default Programs

Solution 1: Set default programs for Windows 10 in Settings

First and foremost, you should make sure that you know how to change default apps in Windows 10 properly. Only if you can do that can Windows 10 apps be set as default. Most people will replace the default browser to Google Chrome from here on out.

If you don’t know what are the exact steps to create default apps for Windows 10, refer to the following procedure.

1. Go to Start > Settings > Apps.

2. Then under Default appslocate and click the default app And after that Choose an app.

Here you can see that the previous default Mail app was Mail, but for your reference, let Google Chrome as default Email.

3. You will then see Google Chrome show up as the default app in Mail.

You can also define Set defaults by the app in the upper corner of this screenshot.

If you have an idea of ​​the right way is to change default programs in Windows 10, in a big sense Windows 10 default apps that are not listed will be gone.

Solution 2: Use Control Panel to Change Windows 10 Default Programs

If you find that it is not possible to change the default program in Windows 10 Settings, you can use the Control Panel to change the default program.

Control Panel is a classic desktop software comes with Windows, it’s available for you to handle can’t change default apps error in Windows 10, it is also possible if you want to change the default applications of Windows 10. This method also works with Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP.

1. Open Control Panel.

2. Search default programs in the search bar at Control Panel and then press Enter to enter.

3. Then click Set your default programs.

Here you can see you are eligible to Associate a file type or protocol with a programtoo.

Soon, you will be taken to App settingsyou are free to change the default programs on Windows 10 because it cannot change the default applications also solved.

Solution 3: Set default open programs with another app option

Some users have reported that after installing an application like File Viewer, the default opening program for word, excel or PDF on their computer has changed automatically. If this happens to you, you can try the following solution.

1. Select a file such as .docx, right click on it and select Open with…...

2. Click Choose another app.

3. Select the program you want to open the file with.

4. Check the box Always use this app to open your files. This is important.

5. If the app is not listed here, you should click Look for another app on this PC.

6. Click OK.

Once the setup is done, you will find that the computer interface is refreshed and all files of the same type will be opened with the program you have set up.

Solution 4: Automatically change default apps

No wonder some of you happen to be unable to change the default apps you want in both Settings and Control Panel. That implies that there seems to be a bug in the apps or settings. Therefore, if you tend to quickly set your favorite apps as defaults, Advanced SystemCare can be opened for you at any time.

As a comprehensive tool, Advanced SystemCare provides you with a default program tool that can automatically change default applications for you. From this perspective, even if your default apps are changed for unknown reasons, you can still fix it automatically.

first. Downloadinstall and run Advanced SystemCare.

2. Under Hop dung Culocate and hit MyWin10 to install it in no time.

3 in IObit MyWin10find out Fix problem and then decide Set Default Program.

4. Then Advanced SystemCare will automatically install for free Default Program for you.

4. In IObit Default Programyou can change the Default app for Brower, Image Viewer, Audio Player, Emailand Video Player.

For example here, choose Set Google Chrome as Current Default Browser.

From then on, the default app will automatically be activated whenever you need it. And you won’t have to face the case of default apps that don’t change on Windows 10 anymore.

Solution 5: Set to Default Program in Program Settings

Some programs provide an option in their settings to be set as the default program to open computer files. Once you’ve downloaded one of these programs on your computer, try looking for this option in the program’s settings.

Solution 6: Run DISM to fix Windows 10 default programs

It is said that Windows 10 does not set default programs to some extent that can lead to corrupted images on your computer that’s why you need to run Deployment Imaging Serving Management (DISM) to check if there is any problem in the image.

1. Enter Command Prompt in the search box and then right click on the result to Run as administrator.

2. Then in Command Promptcopy and paste commands and strokes Enter to run them one by one.

DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /CheckHealth
DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Scanhealth
DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth

3. Then try restarting your PC to take effect.

You may have noticed the phenomenon that Windows 10 default programs can be changed at will after a visual error appears on your PC.

Solution 7: Sign in to Windows 10 with a Microsoft Account

Usually, when you cannot set default programs in Windows 10, you have to check if there are any errors in your current account. If that’s the case, you should change to another account.

Then you may have been allowed to change Windows 10 default programs.

1. Navigate to Start > Settings > Accounts.

2. Tense under Your infoto hit Sign in with a Microsoft account instead.

3. Immediately after this action, Windows 10 will prompt you Microsoft account where you need to enter your Microsoft account and then click next to login.

If you are signing in with your Microsoft account, just check that can’t change default apps in Windows 10 is fixed in the Control Panel or Applications settings.

Solution 8: Check for Driver Problems Default Programs Related to Windows 10

There are many parallels between the inability to change Windows default apps after the last update in Windows 10 and compatible or corrupted drivers. This way you want to take advantage of the driver query tool to find out what’s causing the failure to change your default application.

1. Enter Command Prompt in the search box and then right click on the result to Run as administrator.

2 in Command Promptinput driverquery and then a stroke Enter to run this command.

It will then notify you of recently installed drivers on your PC, which can help you detect driver problems.

It’s possible that a fixed driver bug on Windows 10 could allow you to force Windows 10 to set apps as default.

In case you know which drivers give rise to Windows 10 default programs that cannot be changed, you can take measures to update the drivers manually as you hope.

To make a summary, you need to see this topic as you cannot change Windows 10 default programs in some cases.

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