Special Bullet Train Developed For Dog Walks In Japan

Special bullet train developed for dog walks in Japan

In Japan, a special bullet train was run to take the little dogs for a walk, which took them to a resort for a walk.

From the Tokyo train station, 21 dogs rode with their owners to the amusement park, where the dogs had the opportunity to sit on cages without cages, allowing them to enjoy the scenery outside.

According to the non-news agency, the owners have expressed happiness over the running of this train, saying that they did not like to travel with their pet dogs in cages, but today they are happy.

“We want to introduce more such trains in the future,” the railway official said. We have received requests from people that they want to have a quiet time with their dogs on the train.

He said that the biggest problem in Japan’s trains is to keep them clean and this was the biggest challenge for this work. For this, the staff put plastic sheets on all the seats and installed cleaners.

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