Successful trials of animal vaccines designed to eradicate cancerous ‘tumors’

Successful trials of animal vaccines designed to eradicate cancerous tumors

U.S.A. experts say that after a successful trial of a vaccine designed to kill all kinds of cancerous “tumors” in animals, it is hoped that the test will be successful in humans as well.

According to a report published in the medical journal ‘Nature’, after the encouraging results of the research done by American experts on mice and monkeys, now the test for cancer vaccine on human beings will be started.

Experts tested the vaccine, which is designed to kill all types of cancerous tumors, on mice with various cancers and monkeys with breast cancer, to see if their tumors were disappearing. And if they are ending, do they still need surgery after the vaccination?

During the research, the experts also observed that if the animals infected with cancer are vaccinated after the surgery, what are the consequences?

Experts have found that the vaccine eliminates all types of tumor cancers or that the cancer returns, with signs of the cancer disappearing within a month of the vaccine after the operation.

The vaccine, developed by experts, strengthens the immune system of cancer patients and produces two special proteins (MICA and MICB) in their body, which are T cells and Nature Color (NK cells) already present in the human immune system. ), After which the two systems merge to attack cancer cells.

According to experts, if the human body already has high levels of specific proteins (MICA and MICB), then they can help T cells and Nature Color (NK cells) already present in the immune system, then cancer cells in the beginning. They are eliminated, because these proteins and cells in the human body work to fight cancer cells and disease.

Experts say that although the experimental results of the vaccine in animals are very encouraging, the results in humans may be limited.

According to experts, prostate cancer in humans may be different and their immune system may be different, so the results of the vaccine may be limited and different in humans, but it is too early to say anything in this regard.

Scientists say the vaccine could help control or eliminate all types of cancerous tumors, as its initial results are encouraging.

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