Talks of an elderly man crossing the Pacific Ocean alone

Talks of an elderly man crossing the Pacific Ocean alone

The 83-year-old Japanese expedition has crossed the Pacific Ocean in a single boat covering a distance of 8,500 km.

Kenichi Hori has been named the oldest person to cross the Pacific Ocean alone. She did not stop and the boat kept moving.

He completed the voyage in two months in a 20 feet long boat. Interestingly, in 1962, he had traveled the same distance backwards when he was 23 years old. At the time, he was the youngest person to cross the world’s largest and deepest ocean.

There were some difficulties in his travels at that time because he came to the United States from Japan without a visa. About his journey, he said that he was very anxious and worried because he was afraid of losing his way and he was afraid of being caught. However, at the age of 83, many people were with him on the voyage again and his boat was full of modern technology and facilities.

But even on this voyage the weather turned bad and they had to face the raging sea for three days which made them very tired and anxious.

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