Testing of new features on Messenger has begun

Testing of new features on Messenger has begun

Social networking site Facebook has started testing several privacy features on its chat inbox, Messenger.

In a blog post from Messenger, it was mentioned that it is starting to test ‘end-to-end’ features to make the application’s messages more secure.

Under the ‘end-to-end’ features, messages between users will no longer be visible to Facebook or any third party, nor will any third party have any access to these messages.

According to the blog post, under the new features, while users will soon be able to ‘end-to-end’ all their messages, they will also be given the facility to save their chat history ‘end-to-end’.

That is, such a feature will also be introduced in the Messenger chat so that the users can save a chat for a long time and retrieve the same chat if the mobile or computer is lost.

To use the same feature, the company will provide users with the option to create a password or PIN to preserve ‘end-to-end’ chat history.

According to Messenger Antamiya, calls are also being made ‘end-to-end’ under the aforementioned privacy features, meaning that no third party will have access to the calls made on Messenger.

The blog post also confirmed that several other exciting features are in the works to be introduced in Messenger and users will soon be able to use the new features.

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