Friday, August 19, 2022

The 27-year-old Tunisian Muslim tennis star is ready to make history at Wimbledon

Tunisia’s 27-year-old tennis star Anas Jaber will be close to making a new history when she faces Kazakhstan’s Elena Rebekina at the Wimbledon tournament on July 9.

If Anas Jaber wins the women’s singles final, she will become the first Arab and African Muslim woman to win a tennis grand slam event, according to international news agencies. Tennis star Anas Jaber, who has a huge fan base, is known and called by the people of his country as Minister of Happiness.

Talking to international media, she said that she became the first Arab female player to win a WTA tournament in 2021 and has been in the top 10 since then, but her victory at Wimbledon on July 9 was the best for her. It will be a great success.

According to Anas Jaber, Tunisia is a country connected to Arabia and Africa and he wants more players from Africa and the Middle East, including his own country.

According to international media, Anas Jaber says that she is really very anxious to kiss and hold this trophy and she is sure that she will be able to make history this time.

According to statistics, Anas Jaber has so far lost only two sets in the tournament.

According to international media, this time Wimbledon is going to be history anyway as it will be the first time that a woman from Tunisia or Kazakhstan will win this Grand Slam tournament.

The two Wimbledon women’s singles finalists have competed against each other three times before, with Anas Jaber claiming victory twice.



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