The American Soccer Federation Has Announced That Women Footballers Will Be Paid The Same As Men

The American Soccer Federation has announced that women footballers will

In the United States, it has been announced that women footballers will be paid the same as men.

According to a report by a foreign news agency, the American Soccer Federation has reached an agreement to give equal compensation to the men’s and women’s national team, which will help to eliminate the controversial pay gap.

Officials say the new compensation agreement will run until 2028, while the FIFA World Cup prize money will be shared equally between the two teams.

Following the agreement, Becky Sorbron, president of the American Women’s Football Team Players’ Association, said: “We hope that this will not only provide equal pay but also help train the national team players and improve the playing environment.”

Earlier, in 2020, a US court ruled that a women’s soccer team’s application for compensation equal to that of male footballers was inadmissible.

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