The Artist Of The Well Of Death Himself Lost The Spread Of Life

The artist of the well of death himself lost the

In Rawalpindi, Jan Khan was killed in an accident on a motorcycle which was providing entertainment to the people.

According to reports, Bakhtullah, a motorcyclist, was killed in an accident at the Lucky Iranian Circus death well in Rawalpindi. The injured motorcyclist was rushed to a hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.

In the video of the accident, it can be seen that a laborer riding a motorbike in the well of death hit the motorbike which caused severe injuries to Bakhtullah.

Poverty in Rawalpindi Ayub Park, death well swallowed by an old man, daughter standing near crying

– خزیفہ کشمیری سدوزئی (@ Huzaifa398) May 18, 2022

On the other hand, Rawalpindi police came out unaware of the accident. The duty clerk of Morgah police station said that no incident was reported in the circus.

Event organizer Lucky Iranian Circus Mohammad Sattar says that the circus management will provide regular sponsorship to the employee who died due to injuries in the accident.

The event organizer further said that the schedule of Lucky Iranian Circus in Ayub Park has been completed and now it is being shifted to Gujjar Khan.

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