The best foods for dehydration

The best foods for dehydration

As the temperature rises and the intensity of heat increases, then there is a problem of dehydration in the body.

Health experts recommend using a variety of foods in the summer to meet the body’s water needs, some of which are as follows.

CabbageThis vegetable contains up to 90% water, and it is very beneficial for the human body. Rich in protein, this vegetable is low in calories, while omega-3s, iron and healthy fiber are also important. Eating salad leaves can get rid of ulcers.


This fruit contains 86% water as well as fiber and vitamin C and is the best way to prevent dehydration in summer. Apples give strength to the heart and also contain phosphorus which is useful and necessary for human health. In addition, apples improve the liver and give it strength.Yogurt

Yogurt is a great source of water for summer. It contains 85% water. It contains a lot of vitamins and calcium and is a very good food against various heat allergies. Drinking yogurt lassi removes stomach acidity and heat, yogurt is very useful for ulcer patients.Rice

Cooked or boiled rice contains 70% water which is why it prevents dehydration in summer and is beneficial for human body.

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