The best video cutter app for Android and iOS (2020) that you should know

The best video cutter app for Android and iOS 2020

While there’s no shortage of video editing apps for smartphones, most of these editing tools have a ton of options that the average user won’t use. If you are looking for a way to trim videos only for Instagram, Facebook or IGTV, here are the best and simple video cutter apps for both Android and iOS without watermark or any restrictions.

The best video cutter app

1. Apple Photos

Before you download the video editor, the Native Photos app on iOS lets you trim videos natively. To do that, open the Photos app on your iPhone and select the video you want to trim. Next, tap on the Edit option in the upper right corner of the screen. At the bottom you will have rotate and crop, tap on it and you will be able to crop your video.

The cropping here is manual, and you’ll have a crop guide overlay over the video. You can move it by holding the edges to zoom in. Furthermore, you can move the crop overlay around to align your object within the crop area. When you are satisfied with the crop area, tap Done at the bottom right to save the cut video. Please note that it will overwrite your previous video version, so keep a backup copy.

Unfortunately, Google Photos can edit videos on Android but can’t crop it.

What’s good?

  • No additional download required

What’s not?

  • There is no template available to trim video

2. Vita

Unfortunately, Google Photos can edit video on Android, but it can’t crop it. so we have to use third party app on android. Vita is the most advanced and mobile-friendly video editor I’ve used in a while. The user interface is well designed to use in portrait mode with your thumb. To trim the video, tap Ratio at the bottom. Once done, you’ll have a bunch of aspect ratios to choose from.

Unlike Apple’s Photos app, where you have to crop according to your instincts, Vita gives you cropping patterns like 1:1, 16:9, 4:5, etc which are very helpful. For example, 16:9 is the ideal aspect ratio for YouTube while 4:5 is for Instagram posts and 9:16 is for Instagram stories. I really like the aspect ratio samples. In addition, Vita also has another set of video editing tools. Vita also has a huge library of images, videos, background music, and text samples. It’s more like Canva with a video editor.

What’s good?

  • Pre-built templates for cropping
  • Output 1080p without watermark
  • Built-in video, photo, background music to enhance your editing ability

3. Quik

Quik by GoPro is the easiest video editing app on mobile devices. As soon as you import your video, Quik will automatically edit it. You can tap the edit icon at the bottom and you’ll get a set of editing tools. The second option allows you to trim the video. Next, tap on it and it will cycle between 3 crop patterns – Cinema, Portrait, Square. Now, cinema is something you would upload to YouTube while Square is ideal for Insta posts while Portrait is suitable for Insta and IGTV stories.

Quik, by default, adds a quick promo at the end of the video. However, you can remove it by tapping on the bottom.


  • Crop templates to quickly trim your videos
  • Automatic correction based on templates

4. Kapwing

Kapwing is a simple, easy to use web application that allows you to resize and crop videos. Since this is a web app, you can access it on any device. It has a built-in preset for Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Linkedin, etc. to crop your video to the ideal aspect ratio. In case you upload similar videos to multiple social networking platforms, Kapwing is the right choice. In addition, it also has a full-fledged online video editor with cloud storage.

The only caveat with Kapwing is that it doesn’t allow you to upload videos that exceed 250 MB. So in case you shoot 4k or 1080p60 you will have to compress your video before uploading. It offers a premium variant starting at $20/month that pushes the upload size to 1 GB.

What’s good?

  • Many built-in templates to crop videos according to social media platforms
  • Export 1080p video for free without watermark

What’s not?

  • Video output is a bit slow

5. InShot

InShot Probably one of the most powerful video editors for Android. Similar to Kapwing, you get cropping templates according to social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook etc. My favorite option is that you can customize the background of the video in case it doesn’t suit you. frame rate. In addition, InShot also offers a wide range of editing tools to add transitions, color correction footage, add graphics and text, etc.

InShot provides a watermark on the video which can be removed by paying a one-time fee of $2.99.

What’s good?

  • Official video editor
  • 1080p output option

What’s not?

  • Photo signature
  • Full screen ads

Words that end

I use Abraia and Vita for most of my video cutting and editing needs. It is the ideal choice for most people. As a side note, Google released a video AI tool called AutoFlip recently. Therefore, you may see more video editors in the future that can automatically track and trim your videos for Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc.

In this article, we have explored the Best Video Cutter Apps for Android and iOS (2020) that you should know. In case you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments section below.

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