Tuesday, August 9, 2022

The birds cost the prison administration 3,000

Bird migration from the United States has cost the family about ً 3,000.

The administration will spend about 000 3,000 to clean up the stench of migratory bird families from the historic Steuben County Jail in the northeastern Indian city of Angola.

The Steven County commissioner approved the amount to be spent on cleaning up the waste from the historic prison’s air vents. She settled in Ductwork, where she laid many good eggs.

Hayes added that she came from the south and headed north. “Bird droppings are everywhere, not just in airplanes,” he said. The former prison will not only clean the air vents but also disinfect the air quality problems.

The commissioner will review the claims filed and some of the cost will be borne by the insurance company. Built in 1877, the former prison is considered one of America’s historic sites.



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