The Court Will Review The Decision Of The Chief Minister Regarding Single Bench Only, Lahore High Court Said

The court will review the decision of the Chief Minister

A five-member bench of the Lahore High Court, while hearing the appeals against the swearing in of Hamza Shahbaz as the Chief Minister, said that the court would not examine the legality of the election of the Chief Minister but would only look into the legality of the single bench decision.

A five-member bench of the Lahore High Court heard three appeals against the decision of the single bench regarding the swearing in of Hamza Shahbaz as Chief Minister.

When PTI lawyer Imtiaz Siddiqui spoke on the dispute in the Punjab Assembly, Justice Sadaqat Ali Khan remarked that it was not a matter before the bench as to why and how the election dispute took place and who did it.

Advocate General Punjab Ahmed Owais said that he sent an employee to file reply to the court order but Additional Advocate General Jawad Yaqub took a copy from him and tore it up.

The bench stated that this is an administrative matter and the court will not intervene. During the hearing, bitter words were exchanged between PTI lawyer Imtiaz Siddiqui and the bench. Imtiaz Siddiqui said that if you do not allow me to speak then I will stop all this.

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