Friday, August 12, 2022

The decision to remove Pakistan from the gray list will be taken after the report of the review team

The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) says that Pakistan has fulfilled all the conditions. Pakistan completes reforms to curb money laundering, terrorist financing

It is to be noted that the status of the countries related to the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) gray list was to be announced today but no announcement regarding the removal of Pakistan from the gray list could be made.

Today was the last day of the FATF meeting in Berlin, Germany.

A statement issued by FATF said that Pakistan has completed its two action plans based on 34 items. The fulfillment of the conditions will be confirmed by visiting Pakistan.

Fatif said that Corona would visit Pakistan as soon as possible after reviewing the situation. Pakistan has completed reforms to curb money laundering and financing of terrorism.

FATF says Pakistan has completed reforms to curb money laundering and terrorist financing. Pakistan has made great strides in prosecuting the leaders of terrorist groups listed on the UN list. There has also been a positive trend in the investigation and prosecution of money laundering in Pakistan.

It may be recalled that on February 28, 2008, Pakistan was included in the FATF’s gray list and was asked to work with the Asia-Pacific Group to achieve its goals.

On positive developments in June 2010, Pakistan was removed from the FATF watch list, but on February 16, 2012, Pakistan was again included in the gray list.



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