The District Administration Has Issued Official Rates For Vegetables And Fruits

The district administration has issued official rates for vegetables and

District administration issues official rates for vegetables and fruits, first class potatoes are Rs 3 more expensive than the previous day, new price fixed at Rs 27 per kg, first class potatoes 65, tomatoes 68, garlic desi 135, ginger china Rs 165 Will be.

Cucumber desi Rs 62, fenugreek Rs 124, eggplant Rs 47, cauliflower Rs 78, turnip Rs 83 per kg, capsicum Rs 83 per kg and okra Rs 80 per kg in the official price list Has been fixed

Peas 208, Tenda Desi 78, Ghee Pumpkin 57, Carrot China 57, Bitter Gourd 62 and Fine Beans Rs. 150, Iranian palm 250, first melon 63, watermelon 22 rupees per kg.

In the official rate list, first class banana is Rs 115 per dozen, locat is Rs 115, summer is Rs 66 per kg, mango is Rs 130, mango is Rs 165 and mango is Rs 165 per kg.

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