Friday, August 19, 2022

The dollar went into reverse gear, down 11 rupees 38 paise

The dollar got into a reverse gear in interbank, after which the Pakistani rupee is increasing in value against the dollar.

At the opening of trade on Wednesday, the rupee saw an improvement against the US dollar and the greenback remained lower.

During interbank business, the value of dollar decreased by 11 rupees 38 paise and one dollar has reached 227 rupees in interbank.

Similarly, in the open market, the value of the dollar decreased rapidly and the rupee weakened, the dollar became cheaper by 11 rupees to 227 rupees in the open market.

For a few days, the value of the dollar has been decreasing in the interbank market, and at the close of business yesterday, the price of the dollar decreased by 46 paise to 238 rupees 38 paise.

Earlier, the high flight of the dollar continued in the interbank market and the price of one dollar reached 240 rupees.



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