Friday, August 19, 2022

The Election Commission De-Notified 25 Deviant Members Of The Punjab Assembly

The Election Commission has de-notified 25 deviant members of PTI in the Punjab Assembly.

The Chief Election Commissioner and members had approved de-notification of deviant members of PTI. The Election Commission had on Friday de-seated 25 deviant members of PTI under Article 63A.

The ECP, while approving the references regarding the disqualification of the deviant members of PTI, had said in its decision that 25 deviant members of PTI had voted for the opposition candidate which was proved.

Among the disqualified members of Punjab Assembly are Muhammad Salman Naeem from PP 217 Multan 7, Mohsin Ata Khan Khosa from PP 288 DG Khan 2, Raja Saghir Ahmed from PP 7 Rawalpindi 2 and Malik Ghulam Rasool from PP 83 Khushab 2. And Saeed Akbar Khan Nawani from PP 90 Bhakkar 2.

Among the disqualified provincial members are Muhammad Ajmal from PP 97 Faisalabad 1, Faisal Hayat Jabwana from PP 125 Jhang 2, Mehr Muhammad Aslam from PP 127 Jhang 4, Mian Khalid Mahmood from PP 140 Sheikhupura 6, PP 202 Sahiwal. Malik Noman Langarial from PP-7, Abdul Aleem Khan from PP-158 Lahore, Zawar Hussain Waraich from PP-224 Lodhran-1, Nazir Ahmad Khan from PP-228 Lodhran-5 and Fida Hussain from PP-237 Bahawalnagar.

Muhammad Tahir from PP-282 Layyah, Muhammad Sabteen Raza from PP-273 Muzaffargarh, Ayesha Nawaz from PP-322, Sajida Yousuf from PP-327, Haroon Imran Gul from PP-364. The reserved seats include Azmi Kardar from PP-311, Nazir Ahmad Chauhan from PP-167 Lahore, Muhammad Amin Zulqarnain from PP-170, Zahra Batool from PP-272, Malik Asad Ali from PP-168 and Ejaz Mahesh from PP-356.



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