Friday, August 12, 2022

The Election Commission Has Reserved Its Decision On The Future Of 25 Deviant Members Of The Punjab Assembly

The Election Commission has reserved its decision on the references regarding disqualification of 25 deviant members of the Punjab Assembly. The lawyers of the deviant members said that Imran Khan’s signature in the reply was fake. The Speaker Punjab Assembly was the Chief Ministerial candidate. How could he send references? References should be deleted.

A three-member commission headed by the Chief Election Commissioner conducted the hearing. PTI lawyer Barrister Ali Zafar K took the position that if the vote was cast, the result would be de-setting. The parliamentary party did not issue any instructions. Article 63A did not define the parliamentary party.

He said that only the members of the party assembly decide by majority vote. At the meeting on April 1, it was announced that Pervez Elahi would be given the vote of Chief Minister. PTI Punjab Assembly Parliamentary Party Leader and Chief Whip have submitted affidavits.

He said that PTI parliamentary party meeting Imran Khan had declared Pervez Elahi as its candidate for the post of Chief Minister. Deviant members violated party discipline.

Javed Malik, lawyer of the deviant members and others said that Imran Khan’s signatures are different in the nomination papers and reply.

The Election Commission has reserved its decision on completion of arguments. The Speaker Punjab Assembly had sent disqualification reference against deviant members of PTI.



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