The festival of passing the devil over the children begins

The festival of passing the devil over the children begins

In Spain, in the second and third week of June every year, little children are laid on the floor, from which the fictitious devil jumps out and runs away.

This ritual has been going on since the 17th century, in which the devil in ‘El Kolacho’, meaning red and yellow, jumps over the children. Now it has the status of a festival and tourists from all over the world come here to see the strange scenery.

Babies less than one year old or born in the last 12 months are usually laid on a bed on the floor. This festival is usually very popular in villages and hamlets.

Then the drummers, seemingly good people, come in, and those dressed in black are called atabellaros. After that the devil jumps and jumps on the children. People dressed in black are the representatives of good who are chasing the devil. Parents shower flower petals on children after the fictitious devil has run away.

No child has been harmed in this process so far.

According to people, children are protected from calamities and sudden calamities because of the evil leaps, because El Kolacho looks at the children as they jump and absorbs all the calamities. This is usually done in front of local churches.

According to the Qur’an, the rite was started by the Catholic Church in 1620, but the church still does not officially confirm it. Even the current Pope Benedict has ordered the people to abolish this ritual. But even so, such events are now becoming popular as a festival.

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