The First Case Report In The United States After Monkey Pax, Europe

The first case report in the United States after Monkey

After Europe, the disease of Monkey Pax reached the United States. The first case of Monkey Pax was reported in the United States. Monkey Pax was confirmed as a Canadian citizen in the US state of Massachusetts. This is the first confirmed case of Monkey Pax in the US this year.

Cases of monkey pox have been reported in several European countries before this. Seven new cases of monkey pox have been reported in Spain, while 9 cases of monkey pox have been reported in Portugal and 13 in Canada. Has been released.

According to the report, all the people suffering from this disease are young men. It is not yet clear how they got this disease.

Until now, cases of monkey pox in Europe have been limited to travelers returning from West and Central Africa and their relatives, where the virus is common. But experts fear the disease is now spreading within Europe.

It should be noted that monkey pox is a rare but dangerous disease in terms of its effects which is found in the regions of Central and West Africa.

The disease causes cold-like symptoms and swelling under the armpits. The patient then develops an itch like chicken pox. The disease is usually spread by inhalation.

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