Monday, August 15, 2022

The first thing I talked about was the engagement: Shaheen Shah Afridi

According to Shaheen Shah Afridi, fast bowler of Pakistan cricket team and captain of Pakistan Super League (PSL) team Lahore Qalandar, his focus is now on cricket but at the same time he is planning to get married soon.

News of the engagement of Aqsa, daughter of Shaheen Shah Afridi and former cricketer Shahid Khan Afridi, had been circulating since March last year, but could not be confirmed.

Shahid Afridi had confirmed in his tweet in March 2021 that Shaheen Afridi’s family has asked for his daughter’s hand and his family has also agreed to the relationship, but he did not confirm the engagement.

But now Shaheen Afridi has confirmed that he is engaged and he intends to get married after some time but for now his focus is on cricket.

Shaheen Afridi said that he started playing cricket after seeing his elder brother Riaz Afridi and he was lucky to get a chance to play in the national team.

He said that he has been fond of cars since his childhood and he has bought many expensive cars so far.

In response to a question about marriage, he said that now his fiance is also studying while he is also focusing on cricket but after some time he intends to get married.

According to Shaheen Afridi, he got engaged to Aqsa according to his wishes and preferences and the two have met and will continue to do so in the future.

According to the fast bowler, he thinks that his fiance will also be unhappy with the fans but he does not lift the female fans much.

Rejecting the idea of ​​getting engaged at an early age, he said that his wish was fulfilled and he got what was in his heart. He also admitted during the program that his education was affected by cricket.



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