The floating restaurant that became Hong Kong’s tourist destination sank

The floating restaurant that became Hong Kongs tourist destination sank

The ‘jumbo floating’ floating sea, Hong Kong’s main tourist attraction, sank almost 50 years later, leaving its people looking depressed.

The ‘floating jumbo’ was launched in 1976 and the floating restaurant became a worldwide tourist attraction in Hong Kong.

The 206-foot-tall restaurant was built in the style of the Chinese royal palace, and from a distance, it reflected Chinese embroidery and royal palaces. The Jumbo Floating could seat 2,000 people at once, once It also had marine life-catching tanks, floating kitchens and eight small boats used to transport tourists from the beach to restaurants and take them on sightseeing tours to nearby areas.

Jumbo Floating has been shut down for the past two years due to Corona, which has left restaurant owners in dire financial straits and announced a few days ago that the floating hotel would be relocated from Hong Kong to another undisclosed location.

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