Thursday, August 18, 2022

The former Sri Lankan cricketer arrived to serve the people in the line of patrol

Former Sri Lankan cricketer Roshan Mahnama offered bun and tea to people who had been queuing for hours for petrol in the capital Colombo, pictures of which are circulating on social media.

Sri Lanka is suffering from the worst financial crisis these days and the country is in crisis of food and other facilities.

In this regard, the government has announced that the fuel stored in the country will run out in the next 5 days. After the announcement of the government, a large number of citizens turned to petrol pumps, which led to long queues at the pumps.

In such a situation former cricketer Roshan Mahnama proved to be no less than a messiah for the people, he decided to make tea and bun for the tired losers and hungry and thirsty people.



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