The government has set a target of non-tax revenue for the next financial year

The government has set a target of non tax revenue for

The federal government is likely to set a non-tax revenue target of Rs. 1626 billion to meet the budget expenditure for the next financial year.

The target is expected to be Rs 550 billion for petroleum levy, Rs 40 billion for gas development surcharge, Rs 116 billion for oil and gas royalty, Rs 8 billion for LPG levy and Rs 35 billion for crude oil royalty. Is being done.

In addition, the federal government has estimated Rs 2 billion in GID, Rs 200 billion in dividends from SBP profits and Rs 245 billion from interest in the budget.

Similarly, revenue of Rs 35 billion from passport fees and Rs 98 billion from other non-tax sources is estimated.

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