The Invention Of The Nanobot For Cleaning Teeth

The invention of the nanobot for cleaning teeth

The science of nanotechnology is now gaining ground, and now nanobots have been developed that will not only be able to clean teeth with the help of heat, but will also be able to penetrate deeper and destroy harmful bacteria.

The reason is that the teeth are attached very deeply where it is very difficult to clean them. Now scientists at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) have developed such nanobots.

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Which can be delivered anywhere with magnetic force. They will be able to reach the root canal and clean the teeth and thus it will be possible to save the teeth.

A place in the depth of the teeth is called ‘dental tubules’ which are microscopic pathways in the depth of the tooth. They are present from the outer shell of the teeth to the back. Here the bacteria begin to erode the teeth and root canal therapy is needed. Otherwise the infection develops and makes it more destructive. Nanobots have the potential to stop this process.

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