Thursday, August 18, 2022

The iPhone that fell into the river 10 months ago was returned to the citizen

A mobile phone that fell into a river in the UK several months ago was found by a citizen.

According to a foreign news agency, 10 months ago, a man’s iPhone fell into the water in the river named Y in Britain and now he has got it back, which the citizen had no hope at all.

Surprisingly, despite being in the water for 10 months, the mobile phone was working fine.

Miguel, a British citizen, was walking in the river with his family when he found a mobile phone in the river, which he picked up and brought home. According to Miguel, he dried the mobile phone with a compressor and later When applied to mobile charging, it started charging.

Miguel shared photos of the phone on a Facebook group and also posted a picture of the lock screen in which a man and a woman were standing. The post was shared thousands of times and the person in the photo was identified as Owen Davies, a Scottish resident.

Davies said he was sailing in the river when the phone fell into the water and he had no hope of getting a phone, but now he is surprised to find a mobile phone 10 months later.



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