Tuesday, August 9, 2022

The It Administrator Blew Up His Own Company’s Database

A Chinese IT administrator has been sentenced to seven years in prison for destroying his company’s database in a fit of rage.

Han Bing, a former database administrator at Lianja, a well-known Chinese real estate company, did this in June 2018. He was the sole custodian of the company’s two databases and two application servers and abused his authority.

He was fired by the company and Hen planned to harm the company.

Not only did all the work of the company come to a standstill but thousands of employees were also deprived of their salaries. The company’s database was later restored at a cost of about 30 30,000. The 6 6 billion company lost millions of dollars.

Five people were charged with destroying the database, and Han Bing’s name came to light after he refused to provide his laptop password during the interrogation.

According to investigators, if they are involved in data loss, some traces of them can be found in the laptop.

Eventually, researchers began the reverse process and traced the instructions to the database, revealing the company’s internal IP and MacBook addresses. Wi-Fi logs were then viewed, and the exact time of the database crash was matched to the exact activity of the laptop. In addition, CCTV footage was used.

It turned out that the research team searched for “shred” and “rm” commands that could be given to destroy large databases. Han Bing has since been arrested and sentenced to seven years in prison.



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