The Man Saved His Life By Wrestling With A Crocodile

The man saved his life by wrestling with a crocodile

In Australia, a man saved his life by wrestling with a crocodile. The incident took place at Queensland’s Lawn Hill National Mark.

The man (whose name has not been released) was riding a motorcycle in the park when he saw a waterfall and started swimming in it.

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The man said that while taking a bath, the crocodile grabbed his arm by the teeth, after which he fought and freed himself.

He was later airlifted to a hospital by a local rescue agency, where he was treated for injuries to his arms, hands and legs and is in a stable condition.

Greg Allen, a member of the crew, said the victim was in critical condition and had deep wounds.

He said that the patient said that the crocodile was 2 to 3 meters big and he was lucky to be able to save his life.

According to Brad Hardy, an official with the Queensland Ambulance Service, the area has a large population of freshwater crocodiles that are generally calm but show an aggressive attitude when surprised for some reason.

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