The patient’s response to the woman’s abuse

The patients response to the womans abuse

The statement of a police officer who showed patience on the abuse of a woman during the PTI long march has also come to light.

A statement issued by the Punjab Police on social media said that the citizens have become addicted to the video of Constable Shahbaz which went viral on social media.

The caption released with the video statement of Constable Shahbaz on the official Twitter account of Punjab Police states that during the long march, an angry woman used foul language with Constable Shahbaz and tried to provoke him but the police constable did too much. Demonstrated patience.

The police constable said in her video statement that the woman was using very bad language but it is part of my training that all mothers and sisters are our own and it is our duty to respect them.

Constable Shahbaz further said that we are taught in our training camps that we should never lose our morals and this is also the vision of IG Sahib that women are our mothers, sisters and daughters and we have always treated them with respect. To come

“As soon as the video went viral, I got a call from my family and they said, ‘You’ve done a great job.’ Sahib also called me personally and said that we expect the same spirit and morality from our force.

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