Friday, August 19, 2022

The President also returned the NAB Amendment Bill without signing it

The President returned the National Accountability (Amendment) Bill 2022 without signing it. The President said that countries around the world were working hard to control white collar crime.

After the Election Amendment Bill, President Dr. Arif Alvi returned the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Amendment Bill without signature. After approval from the National Assembly and Senate, he was sent by the Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs to make the bill an act, but Arif Alvi did not sign the bill.

The President said that while countries around the world are working to curb white-collar crime, the black money of political elements, obtained through tax evasion, crime and other forms of corruption, leaves no trace of which The FATF is one such example that has been working for decades to prevent money laundering, so we should also seek guidance from Islamic jurisprudence on such matters.

Dr. Arif Alvi said that the accused has to present evidence about the sources of income, where and how he got the property or wealth. Proving the ownership of wealth is the responsibility of the prosecution while proving the source of wealth is the responsibility of the accused. Obtaining wealth from unknown sources was a crime in Pakistan but these amendments have weakened this notion and made it largely ineffective. ۔

The President said that the High Court also reflected the general impression that unfortunately there were flaws in the implementation of the NAB Ordinance. To protect political interests.

“On the one hand, when the people demanded the return of looted wealth, on the other hand, lengthy court proceedings and ineffective prosecution made it very difficult to expose, prevent and eradicate corruption,” he said. In light of decades of experience, these laws should have been amended to eliminate the obvious loopholes and make justice more effective.

Returning the bill, the President said that the bill passed by Parliament was of a regressive nature which would paralyze the long arm of the law and promote corruption. The NAB Amendment Bill is a clear message to the corrupt elements that They are not accountable to anyone and can continue their looting without fear or danger.

The President said that a weak man would be caught even for petty crimes while influential corrupt elements would get free freedom to suck the blood of the nation. Weakening the accountability process is not only unconstitutional but already a problem. It is also against the basic rights of the afflicted Pakistani people.

“We never expected that the efforts of previous governments would be thwarted and the accountability process would be incredibly weakened. It is unfortunate that the institutional infrastructure has improved,” he said. Instead of bringing it, the process of accountability without any alternative system was brought to a halt.

The President said that such weak laws, in the guise of justice, cover up the crimes of the corrupt elites. I personally imitate and uphold the Constitution of Pakistan.

He further said that we should follow the commands of Qur’an and Sunnah, I consider myself accountable to Allah Almighty and seek forgiveness from him, I am well aware of the fact that on the bill of the President of Pakistan. This bill will become law even if I don’t sign it, but my conscience does not allow me to sign the Accountability Amendment Bill.

It may be recalled that just a day ago, the President returned the Electoral Amendment Bill on Electronic Voting Machines and Overseas Pakistanis Voting without signing it.



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