Friday, August 19, 2022

The previous government did not repair the power plants on time, they were shut down: Prime Minister

Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif has said that if the previous government had bought cheap gas, the economic situation in the country would not be so bad today. This is a very difficult challenge for us.

Addressing the meeting on load shedding, the Prime Minister said that what we are trying to do is not yielding significant results and we are well aware of the reasons behind it. Keep mentioning and today this responsibility is ours, we have to fulfill this responsibility very well.

“It is a fact that the previous government did not repair the power plants on time. They were shut down. In these few months, our government has repaired and commissioned these plants, while fuel is a big challenge,” he said. Came up with more than one reason.

Explaining the reasons, he said that the prices of oil and gas in the world markets are probably at the highest level in the last decades and crude oil has gone up to 8 118 per barrel and in the same way gas has become very expensive. To generate electricity on expensive oil and gas, we have to think about how much our foreign exchange will cost. We are working day and night to save every penny.

Shahbaz Sharif said that due to the problem of Ukraine, some developed countries are buying gas, because of which the sellers did not ask for bids, which caused us a lot of losses. So we decided not to buy such expensive gas, otherwise we would have to buy very expensive electricity.

He said the previous government had the opportunity to buy cheap gas but due to its criminal negligence did not make deals to buy at three or four dollars, similarly long-term gas deals could have been at five or six dollars. But they didn’t either. If these deals had been done, the economy would not have been so bad.

The Prime Minister said that we are working day and night to reduce the load shedding but if the fans do not work in the scorching heat, they will curse us. If we cut off the gas, our industries will be affected. We are working together to reduce power outages.

He said that the previous government did not open the revolving account of China despite the promise which was strongly objected to by China. Similarly, the German company Siemens had installed a 1200 MW power plant in Haveli Bahadur Shah in our time. Its first turbine reached the site in 2018, it should have started before two and a half, but it has also been shut down because the previous government did not succeed, the nation has lost 30 to 40 billion rupees, while C-Pack’s Hydropower projects were also delayed.

He said that we are trying to run the delayed plants as soon as possible, we will get these real challenges as soon as we take over the government but we will definitely solve these challenges and get the people of Pakistan out of this crisis. The time is not far when there will be a significant reduction in power load shedding in Pakistan.



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